About Us

Find Technology LTD is the newest business to enter the technological age within the Zambian industry.
The relatively new company was founded on 3rd of November 2017, it has intentions to be a source of innovation and inspiration in its local industry and global market for many years to come. The company was founded by two creatives mind, the combination of young, innovative, driven and immensely talented individuals resulted in the creation of the next possible great marketing platform called FIND.

Find.co.zm has a rather interesting story that leads to creation. One of the founders was having a really hard time finding goods online, everywhere she went was different prices, this frustration led to a conversation between the two founders of Find Technology and they all realised that was it incredibly difficult to Find the goods they wanted to buy. So they decided they would create the solution to their problem and not so surprisingly after they had relayed their idea to some family members and friends it became increasingly clear that their idea would help so many people deal with these issues quickly and efficiently.

After many sleepless nights, mostly spent on thinking out of the box of predictability and creating the key components of Find.co.zm, they actually managed to create this incredible marketing platform within their time frame. Find.co.zm could possibly change the way goods are sold in Zambia forever.