Term & Conditions

Last updated on 9th March 2020


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using www.FIND.co.zm, Find Zambia is operated and owned by Find Technology LTD

Your access to and use of the services provided by Find Technology LTD is dependent upon on your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions stipulated by this company. The Terms and Conditions are applied to all users of www.FIND.co.zm and Find Technology Limited.

By making use of any of our services you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with the Terms and Conditions, then you will be denied any and all access to any of our listed services.


1.     Use of Site and Services

To access or use the site, you must be 18 years of age or older and have the requisite power and authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions.

Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from using the site or any other services in relation to these Terms and Conditions.

Information on www.FIND.co.zm and Find Technology  as well as any information pertaining to Find Technology LTD are subject to change.

2.     Account Creation

In order to use the site and its services, you will be required to provide specific information about yourself; this will include your Full Name, Email Address, Username and Password and any other information placed on the site and documents related to it.

You agree that any registration information you give us will always be accurate, correct and up to date.

You also agree not to provide private information of another person to be used for your own account.

You agree to keep your password confidential.

You are responsible for any activity on your account arising out of any failure to keep your password confidential, and will be held entirely liable for any losses arising out of such a failure.


3.     Privacy Statement

We are purposefully engaged in the protection of your private information.

Only employees that are engaged with this information are permitted to access of this information. All other employees of Find Technology LTD will not be given access to your private information.

We constantly review our systems and data to ensure your information is protected to the very best of our ability. This is done through various protection mechanisms implemented on the site and other services

The rights to all text, images and other materials on this site are reserved to Find Technology LTD, unless otherwise indicated.


4.     Confidentiality

Clients records are regarded as confidential and therefore will not be shared with any third party, unless otherwise required by legal authorities.

Clients are requested to retain copies of any literature issued in relation to the site and any other services provided by Find Technology LTD.

We will not share, sell or rent your information to any third party or use your Email Address for unsolicited mail. Any mail sent by this Company will only be in relation to the site and its services.


5.     Use of Content.

Throughout the website and mobile application, trademarked names are indicated.

All trademarked names remain the property of their respective Companies.

If you download or print off copies of any content on the site or mobile app, you agree to retain any copyright or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material.

Any right not expressly granted in these terms are reserved.


6.     Subscription Fee

By paying the subscription fee for various options on the site or mobile application you will be given access to what you have paid for.

Should you fail to pay your subscription, you will be denied access to any services that are related to that payment.

Subscription fees for users are subject to periodical change every 3 months.

Find Technology LTD reserves the right to change the level of fees within the stipulated periodical time frame, but we guarantee that your fees will not increase during your Commitment Period.

For any changes to the subscription fee, we will provide a 30-day notice to users affected by the change.


7.     Advertising

Advertising on the site can be done by a Corporation or an Individual.

Advertising on the site is not free unless agreed upon with Find Technology LTD with proof of a written agreement.

Advertisements will automatically transfer you to the page of the Company or Individual that is linked with it, if clicked on.

If payment has not been made for a particular Advertisement, Find Technology LTD reserves the right to remove the Advertisement until full payment is made.

Find Technology LTD reserves the right to reject proposed Advertisements on site, and as such does not have to place any Advertisement that an Individual or Corporation wishes to place before payment is accepted.


8.     Refunds.

No refunds shall be offered where a service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway.

Refunds are only applicable should Find Technology LTD fail to meet its agreed obligations to you or if services have not yet begun.


9.     Acceptance of Agreement Form, Terms and Price Quote.

If you wish to add your logo to your profile, please send it to us in a JPEG file format and we shall include it for you.

General advertising rules are applicable, and as such should any of these rules be violated, it will lead to immediate exclusion from access to listing on www.FIND.co.zm.

Published advertisements are listed for a maximum time of 1 year or until the item in question is sold.

If you desire to make a change, it must be done within the existing advertisement. If you delete the current advertisement and publish another, this will be treated as a new advertisement and will incur a cost for two advertisements.

Advertisements already published by an individual cannot be transferred onto a Corporate Partner Profile.